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San Francisco Giants: Steven Okert’s Role in 2017

It's been a little over a year since Steven Okert's debut for the San Francisco Giants on April 19, 2016. However, Okert has proved his progression.

The San Francisco Giants Lose, Again: Recap And Reaction

The San Francisco Giants lost their third game in a row tonight, and possibly lost Denard Span for a while as well. Things are not looking good

San Francisco Giants Suffer Another Injury and Another Loss

Saturday night's game with the Colorado Rockies ended with another injury and another loss for the San Francisco Giants, both of which are piling up.

Should the San Francisco Giants use Hunter Strickland as a Right-Handed Specialist?

Should the San Francisco Giants use Hunter Strickland primarily as a right-handed specialist in his relief appearances? Let's discuss.

A Look Back at the 10 Greatest Relievers in San Francisco Giants History

The San Francisco Giants have a very rich history with great relievers, and no, not all of them were torturous to watch. Here is our top 10.

SF Minor Lines 4/21/17: Ryder Jones perfect at plate

Young hitters keep coming on, as does one big arm

Giants lose, everyone loses, nobody wins, everything is ash in your mouth, everyone loses, everyone dies, also the Giants lost

Madison Bumgarner is gone for a while, and the Giants are still losing one-run games.

It gets worse, San Francisco Giants lose to the Rockies 6-5

After the San Francisco Giants dismal game wednesday, Giants fans probably thought, "can it get any worse?" Well, today, it did.

San Francisco Giants: What was Madison Bumgarner Thinking?

The San Francisco Giants received further bad news on Friday when they found out their ace, Madison Bumgarner, was injured in a dirt bike accident.

Madison Bumgarner could be out ‘longer than 2 months’

If you were hoping for that best-case six-week estimate, prepare to be disappointed.


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