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WATCH: Cubs pull off two miraculous defensive plays in a row

The 2016 NLDS rematch between the San Francisco Giants and Chicago Cubs is off to a tremendous start. Joe Panik got the party started with a home run before the Chicago defense took over with a coup

San Francisco Giants: April showers bring May flowers… and more June wins?

There's no denying that the San Francisco Giants have been. umm… not the team fans were expecting (I think is the nice way to put it), but despite the abyssal start to the season, the Giants are no

SF Giants Minor Lines, 5/21/17

San Jose's outfielders finally put together a huge game together.

Giants lose series finale to Cardinals, 8-3

The Giants avoided the sweep. One of these series, we'll get a nice series-win sandwich to help us feel good.

San Francisco Giants: Week 7 Review

It may have taken longer than wanted, but the San Francisco Giants had their best week so far this season. In a week that could have been detrimental to the Giants, the boys in black and orange went 4-

The Prospect Roundup, 5/21/17

Let's start talking about the draft...

Giants win another extra-innings marathon, 3-1

The Giants had two hits through 11 innings. They still won.

SF Giants Minor Lines, 5/19/17

Walks and Errors, and not the good kind...

Giants come back in ninth again, beat Cardinals

It took 730 days for the Giants to come back in the ninth inning. It took nine days for them to do it again.


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