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San Francisco Giants Epitomized the True Definition of a Team in 2012

December 29th, 2012 at 3:17 PM
By Michael Almonte

The definition of a team is described as a group of people with a full set of complementary skills required to complete a task or job. The 2012 San Francisco Giants displayed those attributes staying united during a season that tested their baseball character facing adversity and hurdles most teams couldn't overcome.

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Most baseball observers didn't pick the Giants to win the National League West, most doubted their chances reaching the playoffs after Melky Cabrera was suspended in August and everyone especially said the Los Angeles Dodgers would run away with the division after making a blockbuster trade with the Boston Red Sox in August. 

The Giants shut those critics up winning the NL West before running into more trouble in the postseason. Sweeping a great team like the Cincinnati Reds on the road is no easy task trailing 0-2 and the Giants knew they had no other choice if they wanted to advance in the postseason. Most teams facing a daunting task would have laid down and let reality set in, but not the 2012 Giants. For some reason this team plays it's best baseball when the chips are down because they are a true team. The Giants had a strong burning desire to win games staying united playing for the guy next to them. The Giants had the attitude of the other team has got to beat us and beat us soundly because they will never give up always plugging away fighting their way back. It's not the name in back of the jersey that is important, but more about the name in front of the jersey that matters. Chemistry is something developed by trust and a strong bond that cannot be bought like some teams in sports try to do. 

'Giants World Champs Sign 10/28/2012' photo (c) 2012, Luigi Dionisio - license:

The Giants overcame a hurdle in the Division Series and wouldn't you know faced a 3-1 hole in the National League Championship Series against the St. Louis Cardinals. The orange and black simply did not want to see their season end dismantling the Cardinals the last three games. It takes a special team and a group of mentally tough individuals to win six straight elimination games proving they desperately wanted to win for one another and for the city of San Francisco. The Giants capped off their incredible journey sweeping the Detroit Tigers in the World Series showing everyone a true team who believes in each other can accomplish anything if they stick together. 

The Giants joined the 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates, 1976 Reds and 1969 Baltimore Orioles as the only teams to win All-Star MVP (Cabrera), World Series MVP (Pablo Sandoval) and League MVP (Buster Posey) in one season. As we head into 2013, the Giants are one championship away from being called a "dynasty" looking to become the first MLB team since the 1999 New York Yankees to win back-to-back championships. The 2009 Philadelphia Phillies were the last NL team to win two straight pennants and the Reds were the last NL team to repeat accomplishing that feat in 1975 and 1976.

The Giants epitomized in 2012 that quitters never win and winners never quit. 

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