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Giants get shut out, split series

April 19th, 2017 at 9:49 PM
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Madison Bumgarner has thrown 27 innings this season over four starts, which puts him among the league leaders. He has a respectable 3.00 ERA and a dominant 2.35 FIP. He’s struck out 28 batters and walked four. He is, by every available metric, having a strong start to his season.

The Giants have not won any of the games Bumgarner has started this season.

Hello, and welcome to the 2017 Giants, the team that whispers “odd year” into your ear.

YOU: Look, we’re not doing that. It’s not a thing anymore.

GIANTS: [Eric Idle face] Odd year!

YOU: Come on. Give it a rest.

GIANTS: Odd year, eh?

This is as optimistic as I can get, and it’s entirely, 100-percent true: The Giants scored two runs in 20 innings, and they should feel blessed that they weren’t swept.

For the third time in their last four games, the Giants went three full innings without a single baserunner. They were 15-for-72 in the series with three extra-base hits (two from Nick Hundley). After hitting home runs in each of their first five games (and losing four of them), they’ve hit home runs in two out of their last nine games.

It’s an unwatchable lineup right now. Any one of those home runs, well-timed, could have given them the sweep. But I’m not going to fall back on the ol’ luck excuse. This was the story of the entire second half last year, when the Giants outscored their opponents by 11 runs and finished 12 games under .500. There’s something missing. Specifically, swings of the bat that automatically produce runs. It’s all fun and games for an average-dependent team when the hits are strung together.

It’s absolutely miserable when they’re not.

There’s …

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