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Ten Years Ago: The New-Look Giants

April 20th, 2017 at 9:40 AM
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Oh man. That facial hair actually happened.

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

2007 was the year I started getting back into baseball. The last time I had been into it was just a few years earlier, 2004, but that season ended with Steve Finley hitting a walk-off grand slam against the Giants. Oh sure, I paid some attention in 2005 and 2006, but knowing that the Giants were just a ragtag bunch of Dudes Surrounding Barry Bonds and arms filling innings around Jason Schmidt, there just seemed to be the feeling of “Who cares?”

Also, I was 24 and 25 respectively, and wanting to have fun and focus on a burgeoning career in the entertainment industry, so it never occurred to me that I should commit ~486 hours over six months to watching a bad team. They were 151-172 combined in those two seasons I opted out of so I think you’d agree that I saved a lot of time.

But I guess my thinking changed when the Giants moved on from Felipe Alou and gave into Scott Boras’ demands to sign Barry Zito. The Giants were suddenly interesting again. Now, I didn’t think for a moment that signing a pitcher to a 7-year deal â?? especially a pitcher who was already in obvious decline â?? was a smart move, nor did I think importing the ancient manager of the meaningless San Diego Padres â?? who would field a lineup of eight 38-year old Vinny Castillas if he could â?? was an inspiring move that signaled a bold new direction for an adrift/possibly dying franchise, but again, these were at least interesting moves that made me curious enough to see how everything would coalesce.

And that’s how I wound up buying a copy of the Giants’ media guide. I was living in LA, feeling disconnected from my favorite team, and yet interested in jumping back in after being away for two years. The media guide will be the source for our journey into the past. It’s not dog-eared or anything; I didn’t pore over it after buying it, but there was some comfort in having it. And then once 2007 and 2008 played out, it became sort of a joke book on the shelf. We can only hope it’s even funnier today than it was then. After all, every team media …

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