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Brandon Belt and the insidious mythology of the “injury-prone”

August 7th, 2017 at 11:07 AM
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Brandon Belt sure has had some bad luck in his baseball career. Grant talks a little about the injuries here, I talk about other aspects of it here. The point is, not only does the man have to deal with massive amounts of misguided fan-hate, he has to deal with some disproportionately bad luck to boot.

On Friday night, Belt was hit in the head by a baseball, once again. One of the ongoing themes of the Belt Wars is that he’s “injury-prone.”

This is a term I have come to loathe almost as much as I loathe the concept of the designated hitter and “playing the game the right way.”

“Injury-prone” implies a certain level of personal responsibility on the player for getting injured. As though there was something fundamentally lacking about their body that caused them to get injured. It implies that they could have done something about it, but chose not to. Where exactly have I heard those types of arguments before?

Anyway, when someone says “but he’s injury-prone!” to me, all I can hear is “BUT MY FANTASY TEAM!” because that’s about the same level of dissociated thinking.

What exactly is an athlete supposed to be doing to avoid that kind of injury?

What was Hunter Pence supposed to do to prevent getting his hand broken in spring training two years ago, leading to all sorts of other related issues he’s had to rebound from? Yet he’s now considered “injury-prone.”

And this goes for other sports as well, not just baseball.

For example, former Golden State Warrior Andrew Bogut has a reputation for being “injury-prone” because he’s had a lot of major injuries. Most recently, a season ending injury less than two minutes into his first game with a team he’d just joined. Sure, it’s all funny jokes because that …

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