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The Giants are chasing team history with their struggling hitters

August 8th, 2017 at 11:39 AM
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This post will use a nerd stat, but it’s a gateway nerd stat. You know about batting average. You hopefully know about on-base percentage. You have at least a vague idea of slugging percentage. OPS is when you inelegantly mash the last two into a single number. It’s crude, but it works well enough.

For the Giants, though, OPS doesn’t work that well. That’s because of AT&T Park, which is better at suppressing runs than any other park. The ballpark means that numbers are always, always, always going to need tons of context. It’s why Brandon Belt still curries favor with the nerds. It’s why Buster Posey might be even better than he gets credit for.

So instead of OPS, it’s better to use OPS+, also known as adjusted OPS. There are probably stats that are better than this one (wRC+, for example), but OPS+ is easy and it’s on, and their Play Index allows me to search throughout history. The benefit of OPS+ when it comes to evaluating the Giants is that it takes AT&T Park into consideration already. It’s park-adjusted. You can compare adjusted OPS for the Giants directly with other teams in the league.

An OPS+ of 100 is average.

An OPS+ of 120 is solidly above average.

An OPS+ of 160 is getting into MVP territory.

The Giants have a team OPS+ of 81. That’s bad. It’s dead last in …

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