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SF Giants Minor Lines 8/9/17: Steven Duggar has 4 hits

August 10th, 2017 at 7:44 AM
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Let’s start it off with power. Why? Because I like power!

That is one beautiful 0-2 swing if I have to say so myself. By the way, the pitch before that Shaw hit a ball out just foul down the left field line. All. Fields. Power.

HIGHLIGHTS: Chris Shaw extended hit streak with 19th HR; Steven Duggar had four hits w HR; Garrett Williams struck out 8 in six shutout innings.

Sacramento lost at Iowas Cubs, 7-3

Sacramento Bats

Slade HeathcottCF300000011.286
Ali Castillo2B400000001.274
Chris ShawLF411001101.291
Mac WilliamsonRF411000000.225
Jae-Gyun Hwang3B402000001.294
Ryan Lollis1B300000001.264
Juniel QuerecutoSS300000100.239
Trevor BrownC311001101.158
a- Wynton BernardPH100000000.242

Sacramento Arms

Casey Kelly (L, 5-4)66312604.44
Steven Okert12221012.55
Collin Balester13221007.63

Casey Kelly didn’t get much help trying to exact revenge on the team that cut him last month. A Juniel Querecuto error led to two unearned runs on his ledger. And the offense was mostly absent as Sacramento managed just five hits in the game.

Two of those hits did leave the building. Chris Shaw hit his 13th in the PCL (19th overall) and Trevor Brown hit his 1st (what a year it’s been for the .158 hitting former Buster backup.

Shaw’s blast was 13 for 13 as his 13th HR pushed his hit streak out to 13 games â?? which is a team high for the year â?? one more than Christian Arroyo (miss you Xian!). Shaw’s now leading the organization in HRs and he has 49 XBH on the year. Despite a high K rate in AAA, Shaw has maintained a surprisingly high batting average this year (.295 overall and .292 in the PCL) while showing off easy power to all fields (.227 Iso). Still, while watching Ryder Jones’ adjustment process to the majors, it’s worth remembering that Jones in the PCL this year has a walk rate twice as high as Shaw’s, a K rate 11% lower, and an Iso 50 points higher. In other words, I’m here to report that Chris Shaw is having an excellent year and still has things to work on. That said, some of that work is going to happen in the majors.

Steve Okert hadn’t allowed a run in AAA since June 16 but he gave up a quick two yesterday, with a single and a HR to the first two batters he faced. Three of the five batters he faced reached base (including a walk) but he helped himself get through it by picking a runner off 1b to end his day.

Richmond lost to Portland Sea Dogs (Red Sox), 9-4

Richmond Bats

Caleb GindlCF512101100.280
C.J HinojosaSS311100011.287
Myles Schroder2B401000001.258
Jerry SandsRF300000010.274
Aramis GarciaC401000100.150
K.C. Hobson1B400000001.235
Brandon Bednar3B312200010.270
Daniel CarbonellLF401000001.236
Dylan DavisDH311001211.219

Richmond Arms

Dillon McNamara (L, 0-3)35441317.32
Carlos Alvarado23331202.98
Vic Black32110002.16
Sam Coonrod13110004.84

How many HRs did I say Michael Chavis had hit against the Squirrels this week? Whatever, it’s one more now as he followed a leadoff walk in the 4th with his 29th HR of the year, launching a 4-run rally. Portland would never seriously be threatened again, leading 8-1 at one point in the 6th inning.

One day after being no-hit through seven innings, Richmond once again failed to collect a hit the first time through the order. Down 4-0 in the 4th they finally got something going when CJ Hinojosa hustled his way to his 12th double of the year.

Aramis Garcia brought him home with a single â?? and in doing so collecting his first AA RBI. Home Runs from Caleb Gindl (3) and Dylan Davis (7) provided the rest of the offense, but it was far too little too late. Richmond’s been playing good ball lately, but Portland has really had their number in these home and home series. Good riddance to them after tomorrow.

Sam Coonrod’s still a work in progress with this whole “reliever” thing. Yesterday was his third relief appearance and thus far he’s allowed three runs on five hits and two walks. Coonrod as a starter had a decided proclivity towards 1st inning runs before settling down so it figures this will take some adjustment in regimen and attitude before he figures out how to take to the role. It’s worth remembering that Kyle Crick took a couple of tries to figure out the new role.

San Jose won at Stockton Ports (A’s), 12-5

San Jose Bats

Steven DuggarRF624001101.278
Ryan HowardSS523100000.326
Bryan ReynoldsLF522000011.310
Jonah Arenado3B511100100.263
Dillon Dobson1B322001420.248
Gio BrusaDH512000201.235
Matt WinnC51

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