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Why the Giants probably won’t call up Andrew Suarez or Chris Shaw this year

August 10th, 2017 at 1:34 PM
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Chris Shaw looks like he’s figuring Triple-A out. After an extended slump, the Giants’ best power prospect is hitting .291/.326/.528. That’s not so great for the Pacific Coast League, but during his recent 13-game hitting streak, he’s slashing .353/.389/.706. He’s been striking out a ton, even during this hot stretch, but he’s torrid right now.

I would like to see the Giants add another player who can hit.

Andrew Suarez looks like he’s figuring Triple-A out. After a rocky debut for the River Cats, he has a 3.52 ERA for them, and he’s pitched seven innings in each of his last three starts. During those starts, he struck out 21, walked four, and allowed just three runs.

I would like to see the Giants add another player who can pitch.

Ah, but there’s a catch. While the Giants would certainly have the freedom to experiment with their 25-man roster in a lost season, they’re probably worried about their 40-man roster this offseason. There might be some concern about starting the arbitration and service-time clock for Shaw and Suarez, but they aren’t such can’t-miss prospects that the Giants should be worried about that. They’re not up in the majors because a) they still have stuff to work on and b) the Giants don’t want to give up the 40-man roster spot just yet.

Why would the Giants be so protective of that 40-man roster spot? Because of the Rule 5 Draft this winter. Shaw and Suarez won’t be eligible for it. Other prospects will. That will make a big difference in the Giants’ thinking.

Roger wrote about the prospects they might have to worry about for the Rule 5 this offseason:

The most notable of the guys who are going to be Rule 5 eligible this year are probably these guys (some of whom already were last year):

Tyler Beede

Aramis Garcia

Rodolfo Martinez

DJ Snelten

Tyler Rogers

Dusten Knight

Sam Coonrod

Jordan Johnson

Jake McCasland

Kelvin Beltre

Raffi Vizcaino

Caleb Simpson

Jonah Arenado

Dylan Davis

Manuel Geraldo

That’s a long list of names. And we should figure out just how many roster spots we’re talking. Here are all the players under contract for next year, and I’ll add Beede and Garcia to the roster because they’re gimmes.

Pitchers (19)
Tyler …

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